Welcome to Rockport Oaks RV Park's official website. Rockport Oaks RV Park is unique. It is the first Community-owned Deeded Luxury RV Park in the beautiful coastal town of Rockport Texas. The developer's goals are to provide you with the opportunity to custom design your own deeded RV lot.
This also provides you with the opportunity not only to own, but to also lease out your site while you away. Guarantee your RV space year after year as you travel back to Rockport or purchase it as a rental investment.

Some reasons why you need to move to Rockport Oaks RV Park:

If you ask, "How can I afford it?" the real question is "How can I afford NOT to?" Payments are often lower than the cost of renting. The most sound investment is and always has been land. With the volatile fuel, stock and employment markets, it makes sense to invest in property, especially when you can use it when you want. If you are a fisherman, you can have a permanent place to store your boat on site and avoid additional expenses.

All leasing of sites will be managed through the park's management company, Rockport Oaks Management Company LLC. This will allow the public the opportunity to visit Rockport's first community-owned RV Park and enjoy the luxury that the owners have custom designed for your stay.
All owners will have the ability to personalize and design their own lots to meet their personal needs. Add a We also provide landscape and shed design packages if needed, with the assistance of the developers. Landscaping will be required and must be in good taste and maintained at all times. All custom designs will have to be submitted to and approved by the HOA committee.

There will be a total of five phases of Rockport Oaks RV Park. We welcome you to come and stay with us in Rockport, Texas. We hope that you will choose Rockport Oaks RV Park as your new home all year long or simply as your very special vacation get away.