"Making your lot your own is what it's all about!"

Customized, your way!

Rockport Oaks gives you the freedom to fully customize your purchased lots.

We also provide landscape and shed design packages if needed, with the assistance of the developers. All improvements, designs and repairs must be turned in and approved by HOA. This will allow the public the opportunity to visit Rockport's first community-owned RV Park and enjoy the luxury that the owners have custom designed for your stay

I Want...

  • A cabana
  • A hot tub
  • A BBQ area
  • Custom decking
  • Covered parking
  • Landscape Packages

Lot Details

Phase I


Phase II

48'5 x 70' lot

14' x 65' concrete slab

50/30/20 amp service - Septic hookup


Phase III

Lots vary in sizes

Concrete slab equivalent to 14'x65'

50/30/20 amp service - Septic hookup

Call for pricing

Phase IV

48.5' x 70' lot

14' x 65' concrete slab

50/30/20 amp service - Septic Hookup

Interior lots $53,900 / Corner lots $ $56,900

Phase V

Coming Soon!

Privately owned lots may be added to rental pool, but must be managed only through management company. Absolutely no private rentals allowed.

For purchase info contact Carmen Smith - Keller Williams licensed Realtor - 210-288-0904

"I would love to help you with any and all of your Real Estate needs"

Welcome to Our Community!

Rockport Oaks RV Park owners and tenants welcome you to join us in our luxury RV park. We ask that you become part of our family and to value the parks goal to respect and help maintain it's atmosphere and beauty. We will be more than happy to assist you with your hook-up or any questions that you may have. We look forward to getting to know you on a first-name basis and hope that you will feel comfortable to return and have a memorable, enjoyable experience.

Pricing Information

Financing available

Lots from $48,500
Larger and corner lots will be slightly more as well as improved sites

Financing available through First Community Bank, Rockport, Texas

For purchase info contact Carmen Smith 210-288-0904 Developer/Owner - Keller Williams Licensed Realtor

Reserve your lot now!

Landscaping and irrigation will be required per HOA guidelines and must be in good taste and maintained at all times

All custom designs will have to be submitted to and approved by the HOA committee